About Dr. Keith

Dr. Keith

About Dr. Keith 

Why Choose Dr. Keith? 

  • Safety 
  • Outcomes
  • Experience

Ours is a nationally accredited, multi-disciplinary program founded in 2001. Our philosophy is to deliver services to all patients that qualify for their selected procedure. We accept higher risk patients and have provided weight loss surgery services to potential heart, liver and kidney transplant patients so they may meet their goals to have the transplant procedure. Even with higher risk patients, our safety and outcomes exceed national averages. Our experience continues to grow as we are the highest volume weight loss surgery single practice in Oklahoma and with the other weight loss surgeon at Norman Regional Hospital, provide more annual weight loss surgery procedures than any other program in the state. 


  • Pistol PeteBachelor of Science in Pharmacy
  • D.O. graduate of Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery
  • General Surgery Residency completed in St. Louis, MO                                                           


  • Over 20,000 General Surgery procedures performed
  • Over 5,700 Weight Loss Surgery procedures completed
  • Previous Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery for OSU College of Osteopathic Med/Surg
  • Consultant and Proctor for Apollo Endosurgery  and  Ethicon Endosurgery
  • Speaker at State, Regional and National Surgery Meetings
  • Member of multiple state and national associations and societies
  • Hospital staff leadership positions include Department Chair, Chief of Staff
  • Served as Corporate Board member of Hospital
  • Past member of Oklahoma Osteopathic Association Board of Trustees 


  • Dr. Keith and wife Michelle enjoy time with their thirteen grandchildren.