Your BMI:
Underweight < 18.5
Normal 18.5-24.9
Overweight 25-29.9
Obese I 30-34.9
Obese II 35-39.9
Morbid Obesity 40+


Why Choose Dr. Keith?

Safety, Outcomes, Experience

  • More than 15 yrs experience in surgical weight loss
  • Performed over 5,700 weight loss procedures
  • Educator of other weight loss surgeons

Meet the Staff

History of Dr. Keith’s Wellness Options


2001, mid-summer, the planning began to develop a multispecialty weight loss surgery program. The focus would be on pre operative education and evaluations from a cross section of medical providers, not just the traditional approach involving the surgeon only.  


2002, February 14 & 15, we successfully completed our first four surgeries. All patients had received Dietary education from a licensed Dietitian, Behavior modification from licensed Psychologists, evaluated by an exercise physiologist and other medical providers as needed.


2005, Recognition of excellence in providing weight loss surgery services began and immediately, Norman Regional Hospital was recognized on the national level as a Center of Excellence facility. Individual insurance companies began to require their covered patients to go to a Center of Excellence facility, then started their own recognition of facilities. Norman Regional  has achieved:

  • Center of Excellence designation by: Aetna, Cigna and United
  • Center of Distinction by Blue Cross/Blue Shield

OKC SkylineSurgical services are also provided in Oklahoma City at Surgery Hospital of Oklahoma (SHO). Dr. Keith had a less than 2% ownership position with SHO since 1996. By offering exceptional rates for the self pay patient, we perform primarily self pay LapBand and Sleeve procedures at SHO. We use the same anesthesia provider who has worked with us for many years at the Norman location and provides rock solid care. All phases of nursing and operating room personnel are well qualified and experienced.


Hospital Affiliations 

Dr. Keith is credentialed to provide medical/ surgical services at: 

  • Norman Regional Hospital, Norman, OK
         All procedures—our primary hospital
  • Surgery Hospital of Oklahoma (SHO), Oklahoma City, OK
         Self pay LapBands and Sleeves and General Surgery 

Norman Regional Hospital 

Norman SignOur go to hospital for the most demanding weight loss surgery patients. Center of Excellence and the most experienced and nationally recognized weight loss surgery program in Oklahoma. Over 7,500 weight loss surgery procedures have been performed by Norman weight loss surgeons the past 15+ years. Providing exceptional anesthesia, unsurpassed operating room staff and a strong Nursing support team---it just does not get any better for the higher risk weight loss surgery patient. Potential transplant patients have been referred to our program because of our reputation as the leader in safety and outcomes. Other physicians come to Norman to watch  “how we do surgery."

The Future

The FUTURE, we plan to continue to offer a full complement of weight loss surgery options, safely and with good outcomes.  We will continue to strive to offer friendly, courteous and professional service at convenient locations. We shall continue to explore new options to assist our patients to achieve their goals of health and happiness.

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