Gastric Bypass & Conversions

Once the most frequently performed weight loss surgery in America and the world, the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is rapidly decreasing in selection in favor of the more popular and low-risk (but effective) Lap-Band and Sleeve Gastrectomy. 

How It Works

Dr. Keith's Wellness Options | Gastric BypassGastric Bypass assists with weight loss by creation of a smaller stomach (pouch) and bypassing a portion of the stomach and upper small intestine that food would normally come in contact with. This helps reduce caloric absorption but also decreases absorption of good things such as Iron, Protein, B12, Calcium, and other essential nutrients. Very dedicated post-operative compliance is necessary from the patient or serious nutritional deficiencies may occur.

Conversions & Revisions of Previous Gastric Surgeries

Band over BypassApproximately 20% of weight loss surgery patients will require reoperation over their lifetime. It may be to correct complications or for failure to lose weight with the initial surgery. 

The Lap-Band, an adjustable option for surgical weight loss, can be placed over gastric bypasses" and VSG to assist with future weight loss. Not an FDA approved use of the Lap-Band, it is investigational, and performance done under the guidelines of an Investigational Review Board approval.