Tired of Being Overweight?

Thank you for your interest in our weight loss program. Dr. Keith's Wellness Options specializes in providing the best wellness and weight loss options with premium customer service and care.

You may be a potential candidate if you are: 

  • Suffering from complications of obesity
  • Unable to sustain weight loss with traditional diet programs.
  • Desire to improve quality of life.

Our Unique Approach

Dr. Keith understands that patients do not benefit from a surgeon only approach. Working together as a multi-disciplinary practice gives us a unique advantage to better serve our patients!

We value our patients input on their treatment options. Patient education and open communication are top priority in providing our patients with the tools and resources for success.

Our Program Offers:


  • Medical
  • Surgical Procedure
  • Dietary
  • Psychological


  • Seminars
  • Patient Guide
  • Pre-Operative Classes


  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Behavioral, Emotional

Long Term Support

  • Support Group
  • Physician Follow-up
  • Patient Advocate

Contact Us To Get Started On Your Path To A Better Life