Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Balance: A Medical Weight Loss Program

Dr. Keith's Wellness Options offers a team approach to weight loss. We have individual meetings with trained weight loss dietitians, as well as bariatric specific trained medical professionals. At Dr. Keith's Wellness Options, we not only want you to LOSE the weight, we want you to be able to MAINTAIN what you have lost! 

Your First Month Includes All of the Following:

First Visit

  • Nursing Assessment: EKG, Body Measurements, and Lab will be obtained
  • Medical Provider: A physician or PA will complete a history and make recommendations on use of medications

Second Visit

  • Nursing Assessment: Vital signs, medication and progress review.
  • Dietary Consult: A registered dietitian will discuss your personal diet history, develop your own UNIQUE program to success, and get you started on a personalized weight loss plan to help achieve your weight loss goals. 


We offer a wide variety of supplements. On average meal replacements and protein snacks are $2 to $3 per serving. 


We offer several different medications to help you with weight loss. Medications will be given at your visit with a medical provider if you qualify. Medications can include: Appetite suppressants and/or Lipo-vite injections.

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