Step 1. Gain Knowledge


Participate in our online seminar for a detailed introduction to our practice and offered services.


Step 2. Verify Your Benefits

We will contact your insurance company, with your approval, to verify if weight loss surgery is a covered benefit with your plan. 
This step does not guarantee approval for surgery. If you have coverage, the criteria must be completed and submitted before approval can be obtained. 

Step 3. Gain Knowledge

We will schedule you for a one-on-one appointment to discuss your health history, insurance criteria, expectations, and weight loss plan. 

Step 4. Pre-Operative Preparation

We will evaluate and prepare you for an optimal outcome including:

  • Dietary Lifestyle changes
  • Behavioral Lifestyle changes
  • Establishing a Support System
  • Increase Activity
  • Medical Consults

This is a multi-visit process that lasts several weeks to months, depending on your individual insurance criteria and individual health status. Most visits can be completed within our office.

Consults with Cardiologist (Heart), Pulmonologist (Lung), and Nephrologist (Kidney) are most common.  Sleep Apnea must be evaluated. You will need to be current on preventative health maintenance, ie Colonoscopy, Mammogram, etc. 

Step 5. Insurance Pre-Determination

After all criteria is completed we submit all of your information to your insurance company. The process of approval can take 1-6 weeks depending on the insurance company. *Does not apply to self-pay patients. 

Step 6. Pre-Operative Orientation

Final Education may include preadmission to the hospital for pre-op education.

  • Nursing Assessment
  • Consent signing
  • Review Labs, EKG, Chest X-Rays, etc.
  • Pre-op Discussion with Dr. Keith

Step 7. Surgery

Your BMI:
Underweight < 18.5
Normal 18.5-24.9
Overweight 25-29.9
Obese I 30-34.9
Obese II 35-39.9
Morbid Obesity 40+